On this page, we will learn how to create Agents, equip them with the required Tools and communicate with them.

  • Creating Agents involves giving the Agent information about who they are, what they are capable of and what is expected from them.
  • Using Agents is as easy as a normal communication in a chat window.

Create a new agent

You can create a brand new agent, or use one of our existing agent templates. Here’s how to create an agent from scratch!

  1. Login to your Relevance AI account (app.relevanceai.com).
  2. Go to the Agents page (in the sidebar).
  3. Click ”+ New” in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  4. Click ”+ Create Agent” under “Blank agent” to create a new agent from scratch.
  5. Give your agent a name, description and optional profile image.

Instruct your Agent

Every Agent has a resume that describes their skills and experience. For best results, it is very important to think through what we want from an Agent and to include precise instructions while in the configuration phase.

  • The more precise you are in the Agents configuration step, the closer the Agents’ behavior will be to the desired outcome
  • Try your Agent, and come back to the configuration step to improve your setting towards your goal

Marco is a market research coding expert. So, the system prompt describes the company he is working for and what he does. His skill is in coding, sentiment analysis and handling the full analysis workflow. That is helpful :)

However, to take Marco to the next level, we need to give him some Tools to be able to achieve his goals - just like us, Marco would not be able to conduct market research without access to data sources and analysis tools.
Let’s make sure he has the right Tools for the job.

Equip your agent with tools

You can equip your agent with any of our in-built tools, or with tools you have created from scratch.

For example, In less than 10m, you can create an agent that writes SEO-optimised FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), just by equipping an agent with built-in Google Search and Website Scraping tools:

Some of our most popular superpowers (tools):

You can see all of our public tools here (updated daily by one of our in-house agents).

Working with the Agent


We can talk with Agents on the conversation view page. The current conversation can be seen and followed on the right side of tha page.

There is a list of all conversation on the left. Click on + new chat button to start a new chat.

Check Tools

Clicking on the <N> tools button in the chat window, we can see the list of Tools with which the agent is equipped.

Use Edit at the bottom of the shown list as a shortcut to the configuration step for Tools.

Provide an input file

Click on the paperclip icon and follow the upload wizard. This works by uploading your file to Relevance in a temporary location and sending the temporary file URL to the Agent in the conversation. The Agent knows how to pass the URL to Tools for analyzing the data.

When an input file is required, simply upload a file to the chat window using the paperclip icon. The Agent knows how to pass the URL to Tools for analyzing the data.

Tools execution

When permission for auto-run is granted, a notification indicating what Tool is being used/executed is shown. When a Tool requires permission to run, a question appears in the conversation asking you whether it can be executed or not.

And that’s it, with your conversation you can quickly achieve tasks that previously would have taken hours.

If you have any questions reach out to our team on in-app live chat or join our Discord community.

Coming soon

  • Updates to copy of whole page.
  • Equip your agents with other agents (multi-agent systems)
  • Agent settings (waiting on new edit agent page to be released, new design).
  • Autopilot (triggers etc)
  • Approvals, escalations etc.