Meet BDR Bosh, our Flagship Agent!

Bosh is a best-in-class example of a Business Development Rep (BDR), based on human BDR standards, not software standards. BDR Bosh mimics and amplifies the skills of our two in-house, world-class BDR experts, Rosh and Bedi (Bosh’s namesake). Every single part of this complex multi-agent system can be customised to match your companies operating procedures, knowledge and tech-stack.

This is one of our flagship agent templates, BDR Bosh (enterprise only).

Bosh helps you focus on the best converting channels

The best converting sales channels are face-to-face demos and calls. However all of the inbound activity that a sales team has to do usually takes away from these channels.

You can flip this by getting Bosh to handle all of the time-consuming inbound tasks like researching prospects, filtering the highest value leads and handling all of the back-and-forth email communications for you. This will free up your sales team to handle the highest converting channels: Human interaction.

Bosh is more like an AI Employee

Bosh is not another piece of sales software that you add to your tech stack. Rather, Bosh is more like an employee that sits in a seat at your company, follows your processes and uses your tech stack much like a human would. Except, they are infinitely scalable.

Relevance AI is not just an AI BDR platform, or an AI Sales platform, or a Marketing or Support or Finance platform. Relevance is a platform to design and implement AI Agents. They can be anything you want. You can build an entire workforce of agents that are working together to achieve your business goals.

Bosh is an industry-leading AI BDR

Bosh has already generated world-class results for many of our enterprise customers:

Bosh is a multi-agent team

Bosh is not actually a single agent, but a multi-agent system.

  • Lead Qualifier: You can create nuanced and custom lead qualification criteria that matches those you follow in your company processes. E.g. Filter out prospects who are unlikely to be non-decision makers.
  • Prospect Researcher: Researches the prospect and decides how low or high-value they are based on your own criteria. Research also involves pulling in recent events related to the prospect for more personalised outreach.
  • Sales Strategiser: Forms a strategy around how to reach out to the prospect based on research conducted by the Prospect Researcher. They can generate a value hypothesis to describe the kind of value your company can create for your prospect’s company.
  • Inbox Manager: Receive and send emails. They can write highly personalised emails based on the research and sales strategy work. This would usually take a person at least 30 minutes to do manually.
  • Follow-up Manager: If your prospect responds right away, your agent will reply within 15 minutes. If they don’t know the answer, they will escalate to a human who will provide the answer. Then they will rephrase it to match the tone and respond. They’ll also save that answer for future responses to similar questions.
  • Calendar Scheduler: Knows which Account Executive (AE) is responsible for which prospect, and can go into that AE’s calendar and try to find a time that the AE can speak to the prospect in their time zone. … and more!

All of these agents work together as a team. They can delegate tasks to each other so that they can get their job done quickly and more robustly than one agent alone could.

Bosh in a nutshell

BDR Bosh is an end-to-end (autopilot) agent. It’s work doesn’t stop at just emailing. In also includes how you update your CRM, how you use all of the other tools in your tech stack, what knowledge it knows and how to handle objections and escalations.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bosh the BDR agent