To use a model, make sure to have added your API key from the provider. Run relevance keys.

We provide support for not just GPT, but other vendors such as Cohere and Anthropic. We are always adding to this list. Implement once, with the knowledge that as new models come out, your product can take advantage!

You can specify the model like so:

  • No-code

  • SDK

In the step, you will see a “model” dropdown. You can select the model you want to use from there.

LLM step


Model nameModel IDProvider
GPT 4openai-gpt4OpenAI
GPT 4 0613openai-gpt4-0613OpenAI
GPT 3.5openai-gpt35OpenAI
GPT 3.5 0613openai-gpt35-0613OpenAI
GPT 3.5 16kopenai-gpt35-16k OpenAI
Llama 2 70Bmeta-llama2-70b Meta
Llama Code Instruct 34Bmeta-llama-34b-instructMeta
Claude 2anthropic-claude-v2Anthropic
Claude (100k)anthropic-claude-v1-100kAnthropic
Claude Instantanthropic-claude-instant-v1Anthropic
Claude Instant (100k)anthropic-claude-instant-v1-100kAnthropic
Text Bisonpalm-text-bisonPalm
Chat Bisonpalm-chat-bisonPalm
Command Lightcohere-command-lightCohere

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