At Relevance, you can upload variety of data sources to be used by AI as knowledge or sources of truth. You are not limited to one or two data formats but many such as PDF, CSV, Audio, Websites, as well as a huge range of integrations such as Figma, Zendesk and YouTube are supported. Home page

Click on + Create table button and you will be prompted with the upload data flow. Any data that is uploaded as Knowledge in any of your Tools will also be stored and shown under this page.

Data vs Knowledge

Data is any source of truth that you upload to the platform. Knowledge is the processed data that is used by AI.

For instance a PDF file is Data but the Vectorized data (i.e. Vectorized PDF) is knowledge for a Question-Answering AI engine.

  • Home: your home page on Relevance
  • Agent: your own AI assistant powered by LLMs and Tools
  • Tools: analysis tools/flows powered by LLMs
  • Templates: variety of analysis tools / flows built and maintained by Relevance
  • API keys: enter your own API key(s) for the many supported vendors