What are Integrations?

Integrations allow your agents to use the same tech stack that your team uses everyday. They can be used to let your agents collaborate with your team, update external knowledge, or to trigger your agent to start working.


You can use integrations to trigger your agent to start working. Some of our most commonly used triggers include:


Connect to your email account, and start receiving emails that your customers send to that account. We recommend setting up a specific email account for your agent for specific purposes, e.g. customer support/FAQ handling. You can also set filtering rules to send some emails to agents instead of all of them.


Create a WhatsApp business account, connect to WhatsApp using your business ID, send a template message to your customers. Any replies to your first message will then be recieved to your agent, who can then start responding to those messages according to your process rules.

We have many more integrations like these, including HubSpot, Zapier, Freshdesk and more. You can find them on your agent settings page, which looks like this:

Tool Definition

Once you have setup your triggers, you can use the tool steps that are associated with those integrations within the “create a tool” process.

Outlook Trigger: Start receiving emails

You can use the Outlook trigger to get your agent to receive emails that are sent to your email account. We also have a Gmail trigger if you use that instead. The setup is similar.

  1. Create a new agent.
  2. Click on “Outlook” under the Integrations > Triggers section.
  3. Follow the pop-up wizard to connect your Outlook account.
  4. Optionally filter emails you want your agent to receive (e.g. “From:*apple.com” means all emails that come from apple domain).
  5. Save your agent.

Your agent will now start receiving emails from your Outlook account. The first one usually takes about 20m to appear.

After that, you can decide what your agent does with those emails.