What is Knowledge?

Knowledge is a powerful way to teach your agents what they need to know to get their work done. You can upload a variety of data sources, including CSV, PDF, Audio, Websites, as well as a huge range of integrations such as Figma, Zendesk and YouTube etc.

You can add knowledge to Relevance manually, or dynamically, from a wide range of sources. You can add knowledge via the Knowledge page, to the tools that you are building, and to agents directly.

Create a blank table and manually add data to it.

You can create knowledge tables in many different ways, using many different formats. We’ll start with the simplest, a blank table that you manually create columns and rows for:

You can delete data manually by following this process:

Create a table by uploading different data formats

In this demo, we show you how to create a table by uploading an Excel spreadsheet (insead of manually creating a blank table from scratch). You can follow the same process for creating knowledge from websites, videos and other formats by choosing one of the other options shown here.

Create or update knowledge dynamically with tools and agents

In this power user demo, we show you how to build a custom tool that will automatically create or update knowledge for you based on uploading a spreadsheet. You can change the steps to create knowledge from other formats if you prefer.