One of the missions at Relevance is to design and maintain Tools that can be widely beneficial across different use-cases. Such Tools are available under Templates. Home page

Tools under templates are categorized based on their most frequent use-case. You can scroll on the page or directly go to any of the below categories:

  • Featured
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Research
  • Sales
  • Other

Key concepts

Apply a Tool to an individual data entry (App)

Locate the desired Tool and click on Use template. This will open the Tool’s App page. App is where you provide the required information and try the Tool on samples of your data. Read more about Single run here.

Run in Bulk: Apply a Tool to your whole dataset

As the name suggests, Bulk run is to apply the analysis on many data entries. For instance,

  • a dataset of research findings and applying a summarization Tool on every single entry
  • a dataset of survey responses and applying a tagging/coding Tool on every single response Read more about Bulk run here.

Clone a template: Create a copy of a Tool in your account

Cloning makes a copy of the desired template in your account and you will have full permission to modify them to better suit your needs. When opening a ready-to-use template that does not belong to your account, you will see the Clone template button on the top right. Clone a template

Build a Tool

Tools enable you to design and create your own analysis flow. Some of the main features of Tools are

  1. Zero to low code
  2. Super flexible
  3. Customizable
  4. Powered by Large language models such as GPT
  5. Safe and secure with zero data footprint
  6. Easy to maintain

To build a Tool, click on + Create tool located on top right of the Tools page.

Share a Tool

When building a Tool, as the owner of the Tool, you have full control on how you want it to be shared with your colleagues or teammates. By default your Tool is only accessible by you. However, wWhen clicked on Share you are provided with two links:

  • Sharable link: permission to use
  • Template link: permission to use and modify


You can integrate the Tool into your website. All the required information is available under API