Error: Wrong chat history setup

Below errors can occur when “Conversation history” is not set correctly.

LLM - conversation History

Studio transformation prompt_completion input validation error: must be array {"type":"array"} /history

Provide values for the conversation or use the x to remove it

Studio transformation prompt_completion input validation error: must be equal to one of the allowed values {"allowedValues":["user","ai","function"]} /history/0/role

Note that the only allowed roles are ai and user.

Error: Rate limit

      {"message":"Rate limit reached for default-gpt-3.5-turbo-16k
      in organization org-JfRBhZhDGaEQPgWeVxj3OEGF on tokens per min. Limit: 180000
      / min. Current: 1 / min. Contact us through our help center at if you continue to have

This error happens when the used API key is set to a different rate limit compared to what Relevance uses by default. Trying again with different intervals of pause helps with this issue.

Error: URL issue

This error occurs when the input to “Extract website content” receives an input parameter that is not of type string (e.g. a URL).

Studio transformation browserless_scrape input validation error: must be string {"type":"string"} /website_url

Extract website content

A common situation where this happens is when the output of another step (e.g. Google search as shown below) is used as the input to “Extract website content”. If the output is a list or an object similar to the example below, you need to access the URL field.

Google search

In our example, we can access the string URLs in three ways:

If the above result is the output of a google search step, accessing the first link is via[0].link

Error: Validators

At Relevance, you can set up validators for your LLM component to ensure that the output follows the desired format. The below error happens when the LLM’s output does not meet the criteria. Prompt engineering is the best way to handle such as situation. Try rewording your prompt and providing examples.

Prompt completion did not pass validation

Error: Credits

The following error indicates that the credits are below zero and you need to top up to be able to continue using the platform.

Organization Entitlement setting negative_credits : {"limit":-10000} does not allow this action.