What is a File to URL input

File to URL input is an input component that allows you to upload a file to the cloud and access it via a temporarily URL. This URL can be used in other steps such as Audio transcription, or PDF-to-Text to access the content of the file.

Relevance does not store your file permanently for security reasons. This means the provided URL is temporary and expires within 3 days after upload. Therefore, it is recommended to apply the desired analysis steps right after upload.

When to use the File to URL component

The File to URL input component is suitable for when you need to provide a file as an input to another component. For instance to an OCR step.

How to add a File to text input to my custom Tool

The File to URL input component is listed under User inputs. You can add it to your Tool using the main section or the side-bar. File to URL

File to URL setting

  1. Title: the title of your input component
  2. Description: To describe what this input is or will be used for, etc.
  3. Variable name: located on the bottom left and marked in green, you can rename the variable and use the name to access the data in your Tool
  4. Optional/Required: located on the top right, as the name suggests, unlike an optional component, a required components must be provided before your analysis starts.

Input setting

Access the URL

To access the URL output use the variable mode {{}} and the input step name. Under the default setting it is accessible via {{file_url}} (or params.file_url in a JavaScript step).