Flexible and accurate analysis flow empowered by large language models

tool page

Tools are means of analysis powered by LLMs. The capability, features and functionalities are nearly unlimited. More importantly, Tools are flexible allowing you to build the analysis flow as you desire.

You can create you own Tools or use the ones built and maintained by Relevance (Templates).

Clicking on Tools on the side-bar, you are provided with a list of Tools that you have created or cloned.

More details documentation is available at Templates and Create Tool.

  • Home: access to homepage
  • Agent: your own AI assistant powered by LLMs and Tools
  • Data: sources of truth provided by you in variety of acceptable formats such as PDF, CSV, Audio
  • Templates: variety of analysis tools / flows built and maintained by Relevance
  • API keys: enter your own API key(s) for the many supported vendors