“Spreadsheet to JSON” allows you to convert a table like data (e.g. a CSV file) to its corresponding JSON format. JSONs are very easy to use in code steps.

How to use Convert a spreadsheet to JSON

Add the component

Add the Spreadsheet to JSON converter step to your Tool (check how to get started with creating a tool). Spreadsheet to JSON

File URL

A “Spreadsheet to JSON” converter requires a file as an input. If your file is publicly accessible on the web (i.e. with no authentication or sign-up requirement), simply provide the URL directly or as a text input. Otherwise, you will need to add a File-to-URL input. In either situation, use the {{variable name}} to provide the data to the converter.

Spreadsheet to JSON

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Access the step output

The output is a dictionary with a key rows.

  • spreadsheet_to_json[rows] is a list containing as many rows as included in the uploaded file.
  • Each row is a dictionary representing one row of data (i.e. keys are column headers in the uploaded spreadsheet).

Below you can see samples where the default name assigned to the step spreadsheet_to_json is used. Note that a step name is different from the step title. Step titles can be found on the top left of steps. A step name is shown on the bottom left, in smaller font and highlighted green.


Common errors

Unsupported file type

An error similar to the one noted below indicates that the provided input is not a valid spreadsheet.

Unsupported file type: