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ChatGPT on your
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Your personal ChatGPT on any knowledge base to answer questions and extract information without the word limits. Build the app yourself in minutes.
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How it works

ChatGPT for your knowledge base

1. Connect data
2. Personalize
3. Use or embed
Key features

Get insights in minutes

Try GPT-4 powered widget for your app
Try GPT-4 powered widget for your app
Try GPT-4 powered widget for your app
Try GPT-4 powered widget for your app
Try GPT-4 powered widget for your app
Try GPT-4 powered widget for your app

Easily import your knowledge

Relevance works with many different data types and integrates into other platforms
Upload a CSV of content
Grab one or more PDFS and make them interactive
Website crawler
Crawl through a sitemap and extract each page
Connect to an existing index
Integrate with your Zendesk articles
Integrate with your Webflow CMS
Integrate with your Freshdesk articles
Extract your markdown docs in any repo

Frequently asked questions

How accurate is it?

We've seen some great results and our best recommendation is to sign up and try for yourself to see how it performs on your knowledgebase. No AI is perfect but we've taken a lot of care to craft the experience such that it balances the desire to answer questions with confidence in accuracy.

What data is supported?

We can work with CSVs, PDFs, Github repositories, Zendesk help articles and website crawling. If you're looking for something else, reach out to our team and we'll set you up with your assistant.

How does Relevance AI protect my privacy

Your Project Information is confidential, even from Relevance AI. We are SOC 2 Type II compliant. Read more about  Relevance AI Security.

Can you help me get started?

Of course, we'd be more than happy to help you gather the data and prepare a chat widget. Just sign up and hit the support button to start a conversation with our team.

How secure is your platform?

We are SOC 2 Type II certified and run regular third-party penetration tests. We run in AWS and offer three regions (AU, US, EU) for you to pick from.

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