Introducing Bosh

Recruit Bosh,
your AI Sales Agent

Booking meetings 24/7. Grow your business, not your headcount.
Companies of all sizes trust Relevance AI

Bosh has exceptional ROI and generates world class BDR results

Unlimited personalized scale delivering world-class results.
leads contacted per month
faster time to close​
more meetings booked​
higher win rate​
faster reply rate

 Our AI BDR Agent is already outperforming our top performing teams. She performs the equivalent of 4 full time BDRs at 40% of the cost.

Head of RevOps

Bosh is a full
auto-pilot AI BDR agent

Co-designed with top industry sales leaders.

End to end workflow

From initial outreach, to having a conversation, to booking a meeting.

Fully integrated

20+ integrations with providers and tech stack consolidation ​

Proactive follow up

schedules follow ups, sends meeting invites, and updates CRM​


Including SOC 2 compliance and multi-region support, and no training on personal data
How it works

Work every lead and scale your sales activity.

Nurture prospects and book meetings 24x7 with Bosh. Integrates with your tech stack.

Turn lists into customers

Nurture prospects and book meetings 24x7 with Bosh . Integrates with your tech stack.

Turn old leads into new leads.

Nurture prospects and book meetings 24x7 with Bosh. Integrates with your tech stack.

Manage and monitor your
AI workforce in one secure place.

We ensure security and compliance, are GDPR-ready, hold a SOC 2 (Type 2) certification, and give you control over your data storage.

No training on your data

Your data remains private and is never utilized for model training purposes.

SOC 2 (Type II) & GDPR Compliant

We are SOC 2 (Type II) certified and GDPR compliant, ensuring top-tier data security and privacy.

Choose where to store your data

Choose between US, EU, and AU data-centers. We also support single tenant or private cloud deployment.

Role based access control

Fine-grained access controls to manage your team's permissions securely and efficiently.

Secure encryption

Robust secure encryption (AES-256) for data at rest and TLS for data in transit.

Security first

We never store anything we don’t need to. The inputs or outputs of your tools are never stored.