Employee feedback analysis in minutes

Employees express their experiences across multitude of channels. But only a fraction of this data is ever utilised. Relevance AI gives you the power to make sense of large volumes of open ended, qualitative feedback from employees.
Enabling AI for the world’s best, from startups to publicly listed.

Understand all employee needs
customers say

Automate the analysis of employee feedback and conversations at scale.

Designed for every team

Enhance understanding of employee experience

Get insights from all sources of employee feedback

Understand sentiment and emotions over time

Enhance employee experience

“Qualitative data gives us a more detailed and candid overview of our employee’s perspective. With Relevance AI we can finally understand everything our employees say and think.”
Head of HR

Power-packed-with features

Relevance AI helps you clean your data, write complex queries, run models, and ship beautiful dashboards and apps.​
Semantic search​
Semantic search and filter to drill down your data.
A notion-like canvas to personalize your dashboards.
AI tagging
Automates tagging your response data with AI suggestions.
Auto taxonomy​
Finds clear cut categories automatically, or BYO.​
Ask Relevance
A.I assistant to help summarize insights from your data.
Intelligent rules
Combine A.I outputs and business rules through a lightning-fast rule-based editor.
Sentiment analysis
Extract the meaning and emotion from your data.
Image search
Semantic visual search and recommendations for customers.

Bring your data to life. Start free.

On top of some mind-bendingly useful AI tools, key features include:​​
With Relevance AI
Customize state-of-the-art models by training with your data & adapt to changing data or goals with a a few lines of code.​
Leverage cutting-edge ML to go beyond simple rules and retain the flexibility to audit and adapt.​
Label thousands of data points programmatically in hours while keeping your data in-house and private.​
Without Relevance AI
100% manual effort | Hand-labelled coding is expensive, with usually no way or time to iterate, adapt or reuse.​
NPS text analytics tools like Medallia, Kapiche | Vendor models often don’t work on your data, no way to customise, adapt, or audit.​
Rules-based approaches often don’t perform well on complex data or adapt easily to data or goal changes.​

Got a team?​

Invite everyone on your team to collaborate together with Relevance AI.​
Bring team members together across countries, companies, and departments
Empower anyone in your team to analyze unstructured data and create effective and professional visual Tableau-like dashboards
Improve your team’s analysis skills with state-of-the-art AI/ML workflows – no R code needed

Integrates with your data stack.

The integrations that matter to this audience:​
Q Software
Survey Monkey
Do I need to enter a credit card to try Relevance AI?

No, Relevance AI’s Starter plan includes everything you need to start analyzing. If you'd like to continue running workflows after using your 2 workflow credits, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

How does Relevance AI protect my privacy

Your Project Information is confidential, even from Relevance AI. We are SOC 2 Type II compliant. Read more about  Relevance AI Security.

How do I cancel my subscription

You can easily cancel your subscription from your Relevance AI account page. You can also delete your account and permanently wipe your data from our servers.

What are Editors and Viewers? What if I need more seats

As an Editor member, you can edit the datasets, dashboards and workflows in your organization project. As a Viewer, you will not be able to do none of those tasks which is suitable when you share your dashboard as a data report with others. Learn more

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