In the News: Startup Daily covers Relevance AI’s $4M AUD on AusBiz

Benedek Zajkas
Employee experience
6 min read

Have you seen our latest interview by Startup Daily on AusBiz? Relevance AI’s founders Daniel Vassilev and Jacky Koh were interviewed by Simon Thomsen to talk all about our search discovery & vector experimentation platform


Simon Thomsen: Now let’s meet another startup and a couple of co-founders. Relevance has introduced a powerful developer-first, Vector platform to help developers do more with unstructured data. The company has also just closed a $4 million round to develop it. To tell us more, founders Jacky Koh and Daniel Vassilev, join us now. Jacky, Daniel, great to have you in the studio. Now you’re going to have to take me through a little bit of explaining what’s going on here because it sounds really cool, but I’m still trying to wrap my brain around it in terms of how you guys are tackling data, Jacky.

Jacky Koh: Yeah. So as you mentioned, Relevance AI, it’s a experimentation-first, Vector platform, and we help data scientists, developers to pretty much utilize and rapidly experiment with vectors to create AI features with unstructured data. So what has happened here is that vectors and probably what a lot of people are questioning about what are vectors.

Simon Thomsen: Bingo.

December 21, 2021