SafetyCulture recruited Bosh, the AI Agent, and increased meetings by 3x.
SafetyCulture recruited Bosh, the AI Agent, and increased meetings by 3x.
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Sales Enablement Tools: Driving Growth

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Sales enablement tools empower sales teams to sell more effectively. This emerging software category combines content, training, data, and insights to optimize human selling activities. As competition increases, these AI-powered solutions provide an edge for sales organizations looking to improve productivity and hit revenue goals.

What Are Sales Enablement Tools?

Sales enablement refers to the content, training, coaching, and tools provided to sales teams to improve sales readiness. The goal is equipping reps with the knowledge and skills to have better customer conversations.

Sales enablement tools facilitate this enablement process through technology. Key capabilities include:

  • Sales content management: Creating and distributing marketing collateral, sales presentations, one-pagers, and other sellable content.
  • Sales training and coaching: Onboarding new hires, delivering ongoing education, providing feedback/coaching.
  • Sales analytics: Analyzing customer interactions, performance metrics, and pipeline health to recommend improvements.
  • Data enrichment: Augmenting CRM and other systems with external data to generate insights.

Benefits of Sales Enablement Tools

Effective sales enablement delivers a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Increased rep productivity: Better content and training helps reps sell more efficiently.
  • Improved sales behaviors: Data reveals coaching opportunities to advance selling skills.
  • Higher win rates: Arm reps with information that helps them position value and close deals.
  • Shortened sales cycles: Equip reps to have relevant conversations that progress opportunities.
  • Reduced churn: Continued value communication prevents customer defections.
  • Optimized sales processes: Insights from analytics lead to improved methods.

With these advantages, it’s no surprise that sales enablement adoption is accelerating rapidly.

Top Sales Enablement Tools and Platforms

Dozens of sales enablement solutions have emerged to meet growing market demand. Here are some top platforms:

  1. Relevance AI: Relevance AI is a brand new tool to build AI agents and AI apps across any use case. For Sales enablement, it has a flagship BDR agent that manages the full prospecting process, the ability to create a repository of product knowledge your sales reps can ask questions to, or using it to enrich your leads based on custom information. Or anything else you can think of. All completely customizable to your business.
  2. Showpad: Showpad is a sales enablement platform that marketing and sales can use to prepare sellers, engage buyers, and optimize performance with insights. It has a rating of 4.6/5 based on 1684 reviews on G2. It is praised for its smart and visually appealing interface, and its ability to engage customers effectively. It is also appreciated for its ability to track customer reactions.
  3. Highspot: Highspot is an advanced sales enablement platform, with sales content tools and content analytics. It has a rating of 4.7/5 based on 1063 reviews on G2. Users can find the most relevant content for each situation. It is considered an excellent platform for small and medium businesses that need help with logistics.
  4. Seismic: Seismic is a sales enablement platform that has received overwhelmingly positive feedback and is considered an essential tool for sales enablement success. It has a rating of 4.7/5 based on 1472 reviews on G2. It is praised for its user-friendly interface and its ability to transform how sales teams work with customers.
  5. MindTickle: MindTickle is a sales training platform with features for onboarding, product training, coaching, and ongoing performance checks. It has a rating of 4.7/5 based on 1868 reviews on G2. It is appreciated for its intuitive platform that enables authors to develop content-on-demand, particularly for sales enablement.
  6. Pitcher: Pitcher is a sales enablement platform that helps businesses improve digital communication and engagement with customers and prospects. It has a rating of 3.5/5 based on 3 reviews on Software Advice. It is considered a good tool for managing sales content and creating a single repository.
  7. Chorus: Chorus is a call and demo recording software for customer-facing team members. It tracks keywords, provides analytics, and transcribes calls into both Salesforce and Outreach. It has a rating of 4.6/5 based on 65 reviews on Capterra. It is appreciated for its ability to bring visibility and transparency to sales interactions.
  8. Qstream: Qstream is a platform for assessing and coaching sales performance at an individual and team level. It is designed specifically for sales professionals and provides tools to aid with enhancing performance, drawing upon the strengths of the team, and assisting with sales enablement. It has a rating of 4.5/5 based on 149 reviews on G2.

Please note that the ratings and reviews are subject to change as they are based on user feedback and experiences.

Relevance AI: A Flexible Foundation for Sales Enablement

Relevance AI is an emerging provider of sales enablement infrastructure. Their no-code platform allows revenue teams to create AI tools that enhance human productivity.

Rather than a rigid application, Relevance provides lego blocks to construct the solutions you need. Build a SDR email outreach assistant, product knowledge chatbot, lead enrichment engine, conversation analytics, and more - tailored to your tech stack and use cases.

This flexible framework offers several advantages:

  • Customization: Adapt to your existing sales processes vs. change processes to fit software.
  • Scalability: Start small by solving a single pain point, then expand platform usage.
  • Future-proofing: Add capabilities down the road to meet evolving needs.
  • Rapid iteration: Quickly build, test, modify tools to maximize value.
  • Unified data: All tools access the same foundational data set.

While Relevance AI may not offer the breadth of some all-in-one suites right now, its specialized applications demonstrate immense promise. And its ability to serve as a connector layer on top of other sales tools is unmatched.

As an open canvas for sales innovation, Relevance AI represents the cutting edge of sales enablement technology.

Getting Started With Sales Enablement Tools

Launching sales enablement in your organization starts by identifying key pain points and challenges. Common needs include improving sales onboarding, providing product/service training, or boosting prospecting efforts.

Once priority areas are established, examine tools that offer specific help. You may find best-of-breed point solutions or bundled enablement suites better align to needs.

Regardless of approach, essential success factors involve:

  • Securing executive buy-in and budget.
  • Getting sales team input to ensure tool relevance.
  • Developing crisp use cases and metrics for success.
  • Phased rollout and consistent adoption tracking.
  • Ongoing iteration and optimization.

With the right foundation in place, sales enablement technology can transform sales execution. Reps gain information and insights needed to drive deals, while managers obtain visibility to coach and enhance behaviors.

The Future of Sales Enablement Tools

The sales enablement landscape grows more exciting each year. AI and machine learning will expand platform capabilities in areas like:

  • Automated content creation
  • Interactive sales training simulations
  • Intelligent virtual coaching
  • Predictive recommendations
  • Gamified skill-building
  • Automated data capture/logging

And while point solutions will continue improving, the biggest innovation may come from platforms like Relevance AI that allow full customization. With adaptable sales enablement infrastructure, there are no limits to the tools you can build to meet sales challenges both now and in the future.

The bottom line? Sales enablement software provides the building blocks to empower human selling today and optimize the sales process of tomorrow. Organizations that leverage this technology will gain a distinct competitive advantage in their markets.

Sales Enablement Using Relevance AI

Watch this tutorial on how to query your sales enablement playbook using Relevance AI. We give you a walkthrough on how to do it using a basic template that you can customize and expand to your needs.

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