Announcing our Series A to help us build the home of the AI Workforce

Relevance AI is on a mission to enable teams to be limited only by their ideas, not their size. We're building a best-in-class platform for companies to build an AI Workforce.

We’re thrilled to announce that Relevance has raised a $10M Series A from Zebediah Rice (King River Capital), Anandamoy Roychowdhary (Peak XV), George Mathew (Insight Partners) and James Alexander (Galileo Ventures).

What is Relevance?

Relevance is a platform that lets you:

  • Train agents with natural language to onboard them as your co-worker
  • Distil expertise into Tools with a no-code builder
  • Connect with other systems
  • Orchestrate and delegate across many agents
  • Monitor and manage output of tasks

We take out the complexity and make it possible for AI agents to work autonomously and complete detailed workflows or accomplish complex tasks with accuracy and predictability that companies can trust.

With the rise of Generative AI, we believe that the way we work is undergoing a fundamental shift and we seek to empower businesses to be able to leverage it reliably and accurately. At Relevance, we are looking towards the benefits of teams being able to delegate work to Agents that can be scaled at the press of a button with compute helping reduce repetitive and mundane tasks.

Over the last few months, we have been onboarding customers who have already been using Tools on our self-serve platform to start creating their AI Workforce and with the latest funding we’ll be expanding our team in Sydney and opening an office in San Francisco to be able to onboard more customers throughout 2024.

Whats next? 

We continue to learn from our customers. We are currently onboarding our initial batch to our first complex agent, the BDR agent. The BDR agent automates prospecting, inbox management, calendar scheduling, and books meetings 24x7. 

Our next big milestone will be opening Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) to all on our platform. We are currently working on this and expect this to be ready early 2024. 

Onwards and upwards,

Team Relevance

Daniel Vassilev
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