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April 17, 2024
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17th April 2024

Enhanced Import and Export for Tools

What: You can now export tools into a .rai file and import them when creating a new tool.

Why: This allows for seamless sharing and backing up of custom tools locally, streamlining collaboration and tool management workflows.

Other improvements

Expanded Step View in Tool Builder

What: The tool builder now offers a full-screen mode for individual steps, giving users more workspace real estate.

Why: This feature is especially useful when working on complex code blocks or lengthy LLM prompts, providing a distraction-free, focused environment for detailed tool development.

Send email tools no longer auto-added by email triggers

What: We've changed the trigger integration behavior - email triggers (like Gmail or Outlook) no longer automatically add a ‘send email’ tool to your agent. Users now manually create their email sending tool.

Why: We've made this change to help avoid confusion and give users enhanced control over their email tool setups.

Kill Switch for Running Tools

What: Users can now access a kill button to cancel the execution of a tool.

Why: This lets you quickly stop a tool from running, helping save wasted credits and time.


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