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March 28, 2024
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28th March 2024

More reliable and flexible task labeling

What: You can now add rich descriptions to the the tags you provide to your agents for labeling tasks. This new feature gives you more flexibility and power in instructing your agents on how to use and interpret each tag. You can even set up rules and prompt for specific behaviors like mutual exclusivity, where, for example, using one tag automatically untags another related tag.

Why: This depth of labeling opens up new possibilities for fine-grained task management.

Other improvements

The Peak Menu: quick access in the Flow Builder

What: In the Flow Builder, we've introduced a convenient new "Peak Menu" functionality. When adding tools and subagents to your flow, you can now click on their pills to quickly see information about that tool or subagent. Even better, you can change their settings right from this peek menu, without having to break or reconfigure your existing flow.

Why: This streamlines the builder experience considerably.

Task termination for 24-hour agents

What: for those running agents in our "24-hour mode," you now have the ability to remotely terminate any of that agent's currently active tasks and clear its entire task queue with one click.

Why: This emergency "kill button" ensures you always maintain control, preventing scenarios where a rogue or malfunctioning agent could waste credits by operating unchecked.


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