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May 6, 2024
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6th May 2024

Find anywhere your agent encounters an error

What: We have a new filter type in the Activity Center, where you can filter down to tasks where an error has occurred. This means, at any point, a tool run by the agent or the agent’s LLM errored.

Why: This allows you to identify problem sessions and resolve any issues, or use that as a means of improving your agent.

Other improvements

More detailed task feedback

What: Use the thumbs up or down buttons to give feedback about your agent’s performance in a task. You can leave a comment and add tags.

Why: This does two things:

  • It will create a Knowledge table with your feedback, for each agent. You can export this data or use it however you like!
  • We will use this feedback data to help fine tune a model that can be used to optimize your agent’s performance. This will be coming later in the year!

New LLM Models Added to Tool Builder

We've expanded the selection of LLMs available for use in our tool builder, some of which include:

  • Llama v3 via Groq
  • Claude v3 Haiku
  • Openrouter (New Provider)

We've partnered with Openrouter to significantly expand the LLMs you can use. Openrouter is a model hub that provides easy access to a huge range of up to date LLMs.

Provide a schema for your JSON tool inputs

Want your agents to provide JSON to a tool in more bulletproof way? Add a JSONSchema to the input and this will be communicated to the agent, making sure they pass data through more deterministically. Click the settings cog in the bottom right of the input to set up.

Agent triggers are now open to all

Every use now has access to setting up any agent trigger! This includes integrations like email, Hubspot and Whatsapp - but also you can communicate with your agent via Webhooks or API.

Export/import an agent’s config

There’s now an export and import button for agents, so you can backup/share your agents via your file system!

Advanced inputs for your agent settings

Making a templatized agent? You can now add all input types as settings that you can add to a tool! This includes JSON, number, sentence list inputs and more.


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