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March 7, 2024
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7th March 2024

Project management for the AI workforce with the new Activity Centre

What: We've overhauled the Activity Centre in our platform, turning it into a centralized hub with real-time dashboards and robust filtering capabilities for all important information about your agents and tasks. This powerful command centre provides an unprecedented level of visibility and control over your AI workforce's activities, making Relevance the world’s first project management platform for AI agent teams.

Why: Managing a team of AI agents can be complex, with numerous tasks, projects, and status alerts to track. The new Activity Centre streamlines this process, letting you to monitor progress, identify bottlenecks, and optimize resource allocation for maximum productivity, all from a single, intuitive interface.

*** This feature is available for business and above users.

Other improvements

More control with Approval Mode

What: When an agent requires permission to run a tool, it will escalate that task request to a human. Approval Mode allows you to seamlessly rotate through all pending approval tasks within the Activity Center.

Why: In a fast-paced environment with numerous tasks requiring approval, efficiency is paramount. Approval Mode enhances productivity by surfacing all pending tasks in one centralized location, eliminating the need to navigate between different pages and minimizing context switching for a smooth approval process.

*** This feature is available for business and above users.

Easily reference tools and agents in your flow builder and base instructions

What: The new /Menu feature allows you to explicitly reference tools and subagents within the Flow Builder and base instructions. By using a simple slash command followed by the tool or agent name, you can effortlessly incorporate these resources into your workflows.

Why: As your workflows become increasingly complex, efficient collaboration between agents, tools, and subagents is essential. The / menu allows you to effortlessly integrate the necessary resources into your instructions. Behind the scenes, we also optimize the agent's understanding by swapping out tool IDs with exact names it recognizes, ensuring seamless communication and execution of instructions.

Resync your knowledge

What: We've added a new "Sync" button to your knowledge tables, allowing you to refresh the vector embeddings for new or updated data. Vector embeddings power our knowledge search functionality.

Why: Users were adding or modifying data in their knowledge tables, but had no way to update the corresponding vector embeddings to reflect those changes. By introducing the "Sync" button, we've empowered users to keep their vector embeddings up-to-date with their data. Whether you've added new information to your tables or modified existing data, you can now easily trigger a resynchronization process to ensure that the vector embeddings accurately represent your knowledge base.

New integrations page: centralized account and API management

What: We've introduced a dedicated Integrations page that serves as a centralized hub for connecting all the accounts and API keys needed for various integrations within our platform. This new page provides an organized approach to managing your integration credentials and settings.

Why: Before, there wasn't a single place to connect accounts and add API keys for integrations. You had to connect your accounts from within individual tools, making the process fragmented and inconvenient. The new Integrations page solves this.

A new page for custom actions for GPTs

What: We’ve given the custom actions for GPTs section of our tools page a refresh, with more helpful visual guides and an an easier implementation process. You can also now share your custom actions with one-click to post social media buttons, and we’ll give you 1000 Relevance AI credits.

Why: Users who want to leverage the powerful tools they’ve built in Relevance to extend their GPTs capabilities can now do so more easily.

Introducing the "Pablo" design system

What: We've revamped the platform's visual design with our new "Pablo" system. The sidebar and Agent Task UI have been refreshed with a modern, clean look and feel.

Why: Enhancing user experience is a top priority. This visual overhaul aims to:

  • Improve usability and navigation.
  • Foster better task management through a focused interface.
  • Align with design best practices.
  • Reinforce our professional brand identity.


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