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July 3, 2023
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Private chat assistant with access to your chains

Chat is our AI assistant that works like ChatGPT but with a few key benefits! First, none of the data is used for training and the stored history only exists for your benefit. Secondly, you can activate chains that the assistant can use as tools to augment its capabilities. Let's say you've created a chain that can search through your annual reports and answer a question, well now the AI assistant can use that as a tool if you ask it a question about the annual reports. This is all done automatically for you - just activate the chains you'd like for it to be able to access and away you go. Think of it like Plugins in ChatGPT except you can create your own, for your business needs without code.

Other improvements

  • Onboarding updated to include better role questions
  • Templates can now be searched semantically
  • Added categorisation to templates
  • Added starter videos to chain builder


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