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February 8, 2024
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Release 1.32.0

Feedback for agents

Thumbs up if an agent response makes your day... thumbs down if something misses the mark.

We've added easy reactions so you can let us know how helpful responses have been.

We'll keep track behind the scenes and your feedback will be crucial once the data can be used to improve the underlying agent model.

With your help, our agents will get smarter and will better understand your needs.

Other improvements

Cut your agent debugging time in half

If you’re tweaking a tricky agent workflow, saving precious time just got easier with our new re-run improvements.

Previously, rerunning tasks required trekking aaaallll the way back to the main agent message.

Now you can simply select any individual tool execution within an agent sequence and hit "re-run" right then and there. This lets you skip ahead to perfecting the step you want without redoing everything prior and whittles down the debugging process.

Better Integration Setup

We’ve surfaced oAuth integration requirements for tools in the agent settings page.

No more digging through individual tools, cloning them, then connecting the oAuth from inside the tool.

To figure out which connections are missing, you can view any required integrations for your agent at a glance in one centralized location, bringing all external authorization requirements straight to the edit agent page with helpful notifications.


No more vanishing tasks

Went to add a new task for your agent and poof, your list disappeared? Not anymore! We've patched things up so your task sidebar stays full when creating new tasks.

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