SafetyCulture recruited Bosh, the AI Agent, and increased meetings by 3x.
SafetyCulture recruited Bosh, the AI Agent, and increased meetings by 3x.
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July 22, 2024

SafetyCulture recruited an AI Agent and 3x’d meetings

3x increase

in meetings booked

50% reduction

in cost per meeting

2x increase

in number of qualified opportunities

SafetyCulture, a workplace operations platform with over 75,000 customers in over 180 countries, is helping teams drive daily improvements across their organizations. Since January this year, SafetyCulture has been working with Relevance AI to onboard their first AI Agent: an AI teammate who can answer customer questions and book meetings on autopilot.

The Challenge: Capturing Demand

SafetyCulture had a problem that was hindering their growth; there was too much demand for their services, with a high variability of intent, and they didn’t have the capacity to meet it. Typically, booking meetings with prospects would require:

  • Sifting through the backlog of inbound enquiries.
  • Researching companies one by one to ensure they are a good fit.
  • Personalizing messaging.
  • Answering any questions.
  • Scheduling a meeting.

As Mike Welch, Managing Director of SafetyCulture Training, says:

It’s just a volume problem. The way we’ve built our product-led growth engines at SafetyCulture means we are getting a lot of leads. Our team was sitting down and spending countless hours and days building personalized custom outreach to make sure that we hooked customers and that they understand the value that we can provide. That takes a lot of time, and it means we can’t reach out to everyone we’d like to.

The Solution: SafetyCulture recruits Bosh, the AI Agent, by Relevance AI

With Relevance AI, companies can ‘employ’ AI teammates like they would hire an employee. AI Employees are onboarded like a new hire and trained to work in the way your company wants them to, akin to roles and responsibilities of a typical employment contract. These employees self-improve based on feedback over time.

There is no ‘one-size fits all’ with Relevance AI agents. When an AI agent is recruited by a business it is completely customized to meet their unique requirements and processes.

SafetyCultures AI Agent was trained on their:

  • Ideal customer profile
  • Use cases and value propositions
  • Messaging guidelines
  • Objection handling
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Tech stack, including their CRM
  • Handover process to (human) colleagues

The thing that differentiated Relevance AI was this felt like a person working in the business with us. It’s learning, it’s growing, it’s training itself. It’s almost like we have another person doing this sitting next to us.
mike welsh Mike Welch Managing Director

The Results: Growing customers on autopilot

The results speak for themselves:

  • 3x the number of meetings, at 50% of the cost per meeting.
  • 2x the number of qualified opportunities passed to Sales.
  • No leads allowed to go cold, since Bosh worked 24/7 to engage them.
  • A happier team that can focus on more high value tasks and are no longer bogged down with admin.

We had this account executive who went on holiday for a week when we were going live with Bosh. When they got back, they expected to have to do a bunch of admin work and calendar admin. Instead, they had more than 30 meetings booked. Their entire week was full of nothing but demos!
mike welsh Mike Welch Managing Director

‍What’s Next: Building their AI Workforce

SafetyCulture has empowered their inbound customer team to focus on delivering demos and building relationships, now that they no longer need to do the admin slog of book meetings.

As Mike Welch says, "We’ve got our first agent up and running and the return on that has been so fast and so steep. So now we are literally looking at how do we pour gasoline on this thing? How can we enable our team to focus on what they do best, building relationships and being that trusted advisor."

The reaction internally has been huge. SafetyCulture are now actively looking at many other tasks across their entire business that can be handed off to an AI teammate.

Yeah, so I mean, we’ve done this in a microcosm, but we can apply this to marketing, to support, to in house operations, and to finance. There are so many areas where we waste all this time and effort to do basic admin work, connecting dots, et cetera. So, we’re really rethinking the entire thing.
mike welsh Mike Welch Managing Director

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