Industry Research

Industry Research is an automation tool that enriches data with the latest industry trends from Google search results to personalize cold outreach.


The Industry Research tool is a sophisticated automation solution designed to streamline the process of gathering actionable insights from the latest industry trends. It begins by accepting user input for a specific industry and product context. Utilizing this information, the tool conducts a Google search to identify the top five trends within the given industry. It then processes these search results, employing an AI language model to generate a concise summary that is not only relevant but also tailored to the user's product and service. This summary is crafted to be insightful, highlighting key challenges, opportunities, and trigger events that could influence the industry, all within a 100-word limit to ensure brevity and focus.

Use cases

Use cases for the Industry Research tool include sales professionals looking to tailor their outreach messages with current industry-specific insights, marketing teams aiming to create content that resonates with industry trends, and business strategists seeking to understand the competitive landscape to inform product development. Additionally, it can be used by customer success teams to proactively address industry challenges their clients might face.


The primary benefit of the Industry Research tool is its ability to provide users with a personalized and insightful summary of industry trends that can enhance sales strategies. By leveraging AI to distill complex information into a concise summary, the tool helps users understand industry dynamics and identify potential areas where their products or services can be positioned as solutions. This can lead to more effective cold outreach, as the messaging can be customized to address the specific needs and current events of the target industry.

How it works

To operate, users input the industry name and product context into the tool. It then performs a Google search with the query 'Top 5 [industry] trends'. The search results are processed using a prompt completion transformation with an AI model, which is instructed to produce a summary that is relevant to the user's product and service. The summary is designed to be under 100 words and to highlight industry challenges, opportunities, and trigger events. The output is a tailored industry summary that can be utilized to personalize cold outreach to potential clients.

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