Simple Lead Scoring Tool

A tool that enriches lead information and assigns a score based on company size using an email address.


The Simple Lead Scoring Tool is an innovative solution designed to streamline the lead qualification process for sales professionals. By leveraging a low-code AI workflow platform, the tool simplifies the task of gathering comprehensive lead data. It starts by using the prospect's email address to search for their LinkedIn profile, from which it extracts valuable information such as job title, company name, industry, and company size. This data is then analyzed to calculate a lead score, which helps in prioritizing leads based on the potential value they bring to the business.

Use cases

Sales teams can use the Simple Lead Scoring Tool to quickly assess the value of new leads, prioritize follow-up actions, and customize their sales pitches. Marketing professionals might employ the tool to segment their audience and tailor campaigns. Recruiters could also adapt the tool to identify and score potential candidates based on their company's size and industry relevance.


The tool offers several benefits, including time savings by automating the data collection process, improved lead prioritization through scoring based on company size, and enhanced sales strategies with access to detailed lead profiles. It enables sales professionals to focus on high-potential leads and tailor their approach to match the prospect's background and company attributes.

How it works

Upon receiving a prospect's email address, the tool initiates a Google search to locate the associated LinkedIn URL. It then extracts the LinkedIn profile data, including key professional details. An AI model processes this data to determine a lead score by evaluating the company size. The result is a structured JSON object that presents the enriched lead information alongside the calculated score, providing a clear and actionable insight for sales teams.

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