Categorize text

An AI-powered tool that categorizes text data into predefined categories using advanced GPT models.


The 'Categorize text' tool is a sophisticated AI-driven solution designed to streamline the process of sorting text into relevant categories. It leverages the power of Generative Pre-trained Transformer models, such as GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, to analyze and understand the context and nuances of the provided text. Users can customize the categorization process by defining their taxonomy, setting the number of tags per sample, and providing example text-category pairs to guide the AI. The tool's intelligent processing ensures that the text is accurately categorized, with a natural language explanation for each category assignment.

Use cases

This tool can be invaluable for content managers who need to organize articles by topic, customer service teams categorizing feedback, researchers sorting qualitative data, or marketers segmenting user-generated content for targeted campaigns.


The 'Categorize text' tool offers precision in text categorization, saving time and reducing manual effort. It enhances content organization and retrieval, making it easier to manage and analyze large volumes of text data. The tool's use of advanced AI models ensures high accuracy and relevance in category assignments, providing users with insightful and actionable data categorization.

How it works

Users start by inputting their text and a list of categories into the tool. They can also specify the number of categories to assign per text sample and choose between different GPT model options for categorization. The tool then processes the taxonomy list, selects the appropriate GPT model, and uses it to categorize the text based on the provided examples. The output is formatted into a JSON structure, listing the selected categories along with explanations, and ensuring that they match the user-defined taxonomy.

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