Company Research w/ LinkedIn

An automation tool that scrapes a company's LinkedIn profile to generate a personalized research summary for cold outreach.


The 'Company Research w/ LinkedIn' tool is a sophisticated automation solution designed to streamline the process of gathering insights from a company's LinkedIn profile. It requires a LinkedIn URL and product context as inputs, which it then processes to scrape relevant data from the company's profile. This data is transformed into a concise research summary, focusing on the company's challenges and opportunities that align with the user's product or service. The tool operates on a low-code AI workflow platform and is publicly triggerable, allowing for broad accessibility and use.

Use cases

This tool can be particularly useful for sales professionals looking to personalize their outreach to potential clients, marketing teams aiming to understand their target audience better, and business development representatives seeking to identify new opportunities for collaboration or partnership. It can also serve as an aid for competitive analysis and strategic planning.


The primary benefit of using the 'Company Research w/ LinkedIn' tool is the ability to quickly and efficiently obtain tailored insights about a company, which can significantly enhance the personalization of cold outreach efforts. By automating the research process, users save time and resources, while also potentially increasing the effectiveness of their sales strategies by leveraging targeted information.

How it works

Upon receiving the LinkedIn profile URL and product context, the tool initiates its workflow by scraping the company's LinkedIn profile. It then employs an AI-powered transformation to interpret the scraped data and generate a research summary. This summary is crafted to be under 100 words, providing a sharp focus on the aspects most relevant to the user's product or service. The AI is guided by a prompt that positions it as an expert Business Development Representative, ensuring the output is both unique and valuable for personalizing sales outreach.

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