Review legal doc

An automated tool that scrutinizes legal documents to uncover potential issues, ensuring users are aware of any areas that may require closer examination or pose risks.


The 'Review legal doc' tool is a sophisticated automation designed to assist users in navigating the complexities of legal documents. It begins by prompting users to upload a PDF of the legal document they wish to analyze, along with a brief context explaining the document's nature. Utilizing OCR technology, the tool converts the PDF into text, preparing it for the next phase of analysis. An AI model, likely a specialized version of GPT-3 tailored for legal text, then processes the converted text. The AI is instructed to summarize the content and identify any potential pitfalls, drawing on the context provided to tailor its analysis. The result is a distilled list of areas within the document that may be problematic, which is presented to the user as the final output.

Use cases

The tool can be particularly useful for startups and small businesses that may not have in-house legal teams to review every contract or agreement. It can also serve individual professionals who need to understand the implications of legal documents they encounter, such as freelance contracts, lease agreements, or terms of service. Furthermore, legal students or educators might use the tool as an educational aid to analyze case studies or hypothetical legal scenarios.


The primary benefit of the 'Review legal doc' tool is its ability to quickly and efficiently identify potential legal pitfalls within a document, which might otherwise be missed by a non-expert. This preemptive analysis can save users time and resources by highlighting areas that may require legal advice or revision. Additionally, the tool's accessibility and ease of use democratize legal review, allowing users without a legal background to gain insights into their documents' legal soundness.

How it works

The tool operates through a series of steps that transform the initial PDF input into actionable insights. After the user uploads the legal document and provides context, the tool converts the document into text. This text is then analyzed by an AI model, which has been prompted to function as a legal expert reviewing the document for pitfalls. The AI summarizes the document and pinpoints potential issues, producing a list of these areas for the user's consideration. The entire process is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, with the tool being publicly available for anyone to trigger.

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