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May 20, 2024
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20th May 2024

New UI for viewing your agent’s tasks

What: We've revamped the task UI to give you an intuitive, clean design for viewing and managing your agent’s tasks.

Why: The UI offers a streamlined layout that reduces information overload and makes it easier to understand what your agents have been working on.

Other improvements

A new sidebar in tool builder

What: A dedicated left sidebar that houses the navigator and your tool's settings in one convenient place.

Why: We’ve made it easier to find and manage your tool settings, while keeping the right sidebar for the advanced tool step settings focused on your selected step.

Re-arranged your tool step selector

What: We've introduced more logical categories in the "Add Tool Step" dropdown menu.

Why: Now you can easily find the capability you need and discover new step options.

Access key insights with the Analytics Dashboard [business+ only]

What: A new dashboard for viewing high-level activity and performance of your AI workforce.

Why: Get a real-time pulse on your agents' output across your organization by monitoring their  performance and activities.


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