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June 26, 2024
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26th June 2024

Today’s release is headlined by some exciting upgrades to the agent building experience!

Agent Builder glow up

We’ve overhauled the user experience for building an agent in Relevance, making it easier to find what you need and understand how to customise it.

Everything you previously had access to is there, but just organised within a new sidebar.

For example, we’ve broken up your resources in to three categories: your tools, subagents and abilities. Abilities are built in agent powers, such as task labelling, message scheduling and escalation.

One of the biggest improvements in experience is a much clearer layout and more breathing room when configuring the tools and subagents you have attached to your agent:

This update is full of fun touches, such as our new agent avatar selector:

See before/after when you edit agent approvals

Now you can see a log of what you changed when an agent asks for approval to run a tool, and you update the proposed inputs.

Note, you can also provide feedback about the agent’s proposed inputs more easily! We are using this data to help fine tune an agent model.

Pause your tasks

We’ve implemented a feature to pause tasks. This means that the task will no longer be able to receive any new messages from yourself, triggers or API.

Note, that this will not stop it finishing what it is currently doing - but gives you a way to stop it from doing anything else moving forward!

Other improvements

Detach a tool template

A handy feature for debugging and customising your agents: the ability to instantly detach any templated tool attached to your agent.

What do we mean by detach? It will clone the template in to your account, and then add it back to your agent with all the same configuration. Now you own the tool and can customise it!

For example, here we have an agent that has our “Website scraping” tool template attached:

Click the new detach button and after loading, things will look the same.

However, this tool now exists in your account and can be customised!


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