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October 13, 2023
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Better typing for inputs and variables

We have made it easier for users to understand and utilize variables when building or customizing their AI tools. Previously, users would often encounter errors when feeding variables of one type into inputs that required a different type. To address this, we have implemented the following enhancements:

  • Clear indication of variables and their types throughout the user interface.
  • Highlighting of inputs that require specific variable types.
  • Clear error messages with detailed explanations and links to relevant documentation to help users rectify typing mistakes.

Variable menu improvements

The menu now previews the content of all variables, making it easier to work with long-form AI prompts. In response to user requests, the variable menu now dynamically appears underneath the cursor position.

Edit messages in Agent conversations

We are excited to introduce a highly demanded feature for AI agents. Users can now edit previously sent messages within a conversation, and our system will automatically regenerate the rest of the conversation accordingly. This feature greatly simplifies agent usage, allowing for easy debugging, testing, and correction of any mistakes made during conversations.

Other improvements

  • Bulk run improvements


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