DuckDB: Run SQL on files

A versatile automation tool that enables users to perform SQL queries directly on files such as CSV, JSON, and Parquet without the need for a traditional database setup.


The 'DuckDB: Run SQL on files' tool is a powerful asset for data analysts and engineers who require the ability to execute SQL queries on file-based data. By leveraging the DuckDB in-process SQL OLAP database management system, this tool simplifies the process of data querying by eliminating the need for data importation into a database. Users provide a SQL query and the URL of the file they wish to query, and the tool seamlessly integrates the two, executing the query using Python code that interacts with the DuckDB library. The result is a streamlined and efficient querying process that can handle a variety of file formats.

Use cases

This tool is ideal for data professionals who need to perform ad-hoc analysis on data stored in flat files, such as financial analysts examining transaction records in CSV format, or data scientists conducting exploratory data analysis on JSON files containing user behavior data. It can also be used for educational purposes, allowing students to practice SQL queries on real-world data without the need for complex database environments.


The primary benefit of using 'DuckDB: Run SQL on files' is its ability to quickly and efficiently run SQL queries on various file formats without the need for database importation or setup. This not only saves time but also reduces the complexity of data analysis tasks. Additionally, the tool's flexibility in handling different file types and its integration within the Relevance AI platform make it an invaluable resource for data-driven insights.

How it works

Upon receiving the SQL query and file URL from the user, the tool's Python code dynamically replaces the placeholder within the query with the actual file URL. Utilizing the DuckDB library, the code executes the query against the file's data. The results are then fetched and returned to the user. This process is facilitated by the tool's ability to interpret and process different file formats, making it a flexible solution for querying structured data without the overhead of database management.

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