Knowledge retrieval

The Knowledge retrieval tool is an AI-powered solution designed to fetch and provide the latest information relevant to a company, leveraging a low-code AI workflow platform for efficient knowledge management.


At its core, the Knowledge retrieval tool is a sophisticated mechanism that streamlines the process of accessing up-to-date company knowledge. It begins with a user inputting a query, which is a string that specifies the information they are seeking. The tool then employs a language model to interpret this query within the context of the available knowledge. If the necessary knowledge is present, the language model generates a response that is tailored to the query, providing the user with the information they need. Should the knowledge not be available, the tool prompts the user to upload the required data, ensuring that the system can continue to learn and provide accurate responses in the future. The tool's functionality is encapsulated within a user-friendly interface that is accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of their technical expertise.

Use cases

The Knowledge retrieval tool can be utilized in a variety of scenarios, such as by customer support teams to quickly find solutions to customer inquiries, by research and development departments to access the latest technical data, or by sales professionals to retrieve product information during client interactions. It can also serve as an integral part of a company's internal knowledge base, allowing employees to easily access corporate policies, procedural documentation, or industry insights.


The primary benefit of the Knowledge retrieval tool is its ability to provide quick and accurate access to company-specific information, which can significantly enhance decision-making and productivity. By automating the process of data retrieval, it reduces the time and effort typically required to search for and compile information. Additionally, its AI-driven approach ensures that the responses are not only relevant but also adapted to the context of the query, providing a level of personalization that can improve the user experience.

How it works

The Knowledge retrieval tool operates through a two-step process. Initially, it takes the user's query and passes it to a language model, which has been trained to understand and process natural language inputs. The model uses the query to generate a contextually relevant answer, drawing from the pre-existing knowledge base. In the second step, a JavaScript code transformation evaluates whether the knowledge variable is defined. If it is, the answer from the language model is returned to the user. If not, the tool provides a message with instructions on how to upload the necessary knowledge data. This ensures that the tool is always primed to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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