Social Share for Custom Actions for GPT

An automation tool that generates concise, engaging social media posts for promoting custom GPT creations.


The 'Social Share for Custom Actions for GPT' is a sophisticated automation tool that streamlines the process of marketing custom GPT models on social media. It begins by taking a user's GPT URL as input, then proceeds to scrape the corresponding web page to gather essential information about the GPT. With this data, the tool crafts a tailored social media message that highlights the unique aspects of the GPT, while adhering to character limits and incorporating relevant emojis for added engagement. The tool ensures that the message is free of unwanted mentions and includes a shoutout to the platform used for creating the GPT, thereby maintaining brand consistency and promoting the creation tool.

Use cases

A developer looking to showcase their latest GPT-based chatbot, a marketing team promoting a suite of AI tools, or an AI enthusiast sharing their personal project could all benefit from this tool. It simplifies the promotion process, making it accessible to individuals without a marketing background.


The tool offers users a seamless way to create professional and attention-grabbing social media posts that can increase visibility and engagement for their custom GPTs. It saves time and effort by automating the content creation process, ensures consistency in messaging, and helps maintain a strong online presence.

How it works

Upon receiving the GPT URL, the tool employs a 'browserless_scrape' transformation to extract content from the GPT's web page. This content serves as the context for a 'prompt_completion' transformation, which generates the social media post. The AI is instructed to exclude specific phrases, add branding elements, and use emojis to enhance the post's appeal. The final output is a crafted message that succinctly promotes the GPT, ready for sharing across social platforms.

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