Youtube: Video file

An automation tool that extracts the direct URL to a raw video file from a YouTube video link.


The 'Youtube: Video file' tool is a sophisticated yet user-friendly automation utility designed to streamline the process of obtaining raw video files from YouTube. It requires a simple input—a YouTube video URL—and leverages the power of Python and the 'pytube' library to parse the video and extract the direct URL to the first available video stream. This tool is part of a larger ecosystem within a low-code AI platform, enabling users to integrate this functionality into their custom workflows with ease.

Use cases

The tool can be used by content creators who need to download and repurpose video content, by data analysts who require video data for machine learning models, or by educators who wish to archive educational content for offline use. It can also serve as a component in larger media management systems where videos are routinely processed and analyzed.


The primary benefit of using the 'Youtube: Video file' tool is its ability to automate the tedious process of video file extraction, saving time and reducing manual effort. It provides a quick and reliable method to access video content for various applications, such as content creation, analysis, or archival purposes. Additionally, being a public tool on a low-code platform, it offers accessibility and ease of integration, making it a valuable asset for both technical and non-technical users.

How it works

Upon receiving a YouTube video URL as input, the tool initiates a Python script that runs in a backend environment. The script uses the 'pytube' library to interface with YouTube, creating a 'YouTube' object from the input URL. It then selects the first stream available, which is typically the video file in its raw form, and retrieves the direct URL to this file. This URL can then be used to download the video or to perform further processing in subsequent workflow steps.

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