Get feedback to webpage copy

An automated tool that analyzes webpage copy and provides feedback to help achieve specific content goals.


The 'Get feedback to webpage copy' tool is a sophisticated automation designed by Jacky Koh to assist users in refining their webpage content. It starts by ensuring the provided URL is secure, then scrapes the webpage to gather the content. Following this, it leverages the capabilities of an advanced AI model, openai-gpt3.5-16k, to generate insightful feedback. The AI considers the user's objectives and evaluates the content, offering both commendations and critiques tailored to the user's specified goals. The process culminates in delivering comprehensive feedback that is both actionable and specific to the webpage's copy.

Use cases

This tool can be used by content marketers looking to optimize their landing pages for better conversion rates, by copywriters seeking to refine their messaging for clarity and impact, or by webmasters aiming to ensure their content aligns with SEO best practices. It's also valuable for businesses that want to audit their website's copy regularly to maintain a high standard of communication with their audience.


The tool offers users a streamlined approach to content analysis, saving time and effort in manual reviews. It provides objective, AI-driven insights that can enhance the clarity, engagement, and relevance of webpage copy. By focusing on user-defined goals, the feedback is tailored and actionable, enabling users to make precise improvements to their content strategy.

How it works

Users input the URL of their webpage and define their content goals. The tool then transforms the URL to a secure format and proceeds to scrape the webpage content. Using the openai-gpt3.5-16k model, it analyzes the content in the context of the user's goals and generates feedback. This feedback includes positive aspects and areas for improvement, providing a balanced view of the webpage's effectiveness in meeting its intended purpose.

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