Google Search

An automation tool that leverages Google's search engine to fetch the latest information on a specified topic.


The 'Google Search' tool is a sophisticated automation mechanism designed to streamline the process of acquiring up-to-date information from the internet. It requires users to input a search query, which it then processes through Google's search engine. The tool meticulously parses the search results, categorizing them into related questions, related searches, and organic results. It also includes a JavaScript code evaluation step to ensure the search query yields viable results, providing feedback if the query is too narrow.

Use cases

This tool can be invaluable for market researchers looking for current trends, content creators seeking inspiration, or professionals needing quick insights into industry-specific queries. It simplifies the process of sifting through vast amounts of online information to find what is most relevant.


The tool offers a streamlined and automated approach to information retrieval, saving time and effort in conducting online research. It provides structured results that can be easily analyzed and offers guidance on refining search queries to improve the likelihood of relevant findings.

How it works

Upon receiving a 'search_query' input, the tool initiates a Google search and captures the results in a structured format. The first transformation step, 'serper_google_search', extracts various elements of the search results. The subsequent JavaScript code transformation evaluates the presence of organic results and provides actionable feedback. The final output, labeled 'answer', contains either the search results or a suggestion to modify the search query for better results.

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