Lead Enrichment Tool

A tool that enriches lead data by finding and structuring LinkedIn profile information using a prospect's email address.


The Lead Enrichment Tool, crafted by Scott Henderson, is a sophisticated automation tool that streamlines the process of gathering comprehensive lead information. By inputting a single email address, the tool initiates a sequence of steps that leverage AI models and web scraping to extract a prospect's LinkedIn profile details. This process includes searching for the LinkedIn URL via Google, extracting the URL, retrieving profile data, and formatting this data into a structured JSON object. The tool is designed to provide sales professionals with a deeper understanding of their leads by furnishing them with detailed profile information that can inform their sales strategies.

Use cases

Sales teams can utilize the Lead Enrichment Tool to enhance their lead generation efforts, personalize their outreach campaigns, and gain insights into the professional background of their prospects. It is particularly useful for B2B companies looking to establish meaningful connections with key decision-makers in their target industries.


The Lead Enrichment Tool offers several advantages, including time savings by automating the data collection process, improved lead qualification through access to detailed profile information, and enhanced personalization for outreach efforts. It enables sales professionals to quickly build a richer, more informative database of potential customers, which can lead to more effective targeting and higher conversion rates.

How it works

The tool begins with a Google search to locate the LinkedIn URL associated with the prospect's email address. Once the URL is identified, it retrieves the LinkedIn profile data, which is then processed by an AI model to extract key information such as job title, company name, industry, and more. This information is formatted into a JSON structure, providing a clean and organized dataset that can be easily integrated into sales databases or CRM systems.

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