MotherDuck: SQL Query

A user-friendly automation tool for executing SQL queries on DuckDB databases via the Motherduck service.


The 'MotherDuck: SQL Query' tool is a sophisticated yet accessible solution for interacting with DuckDB databases managed by the Motherduck service. It is designed to streamline the process of running SQL queries without the need for complex setup or deep technical knowledge. The tool is uniquely identified and includes a description, input parameters, and a Python code transformation process. It requires a SQL query and a Motherduck token to authenticate and execute the desired operations on the database.

Use cases

This tool can be used by data analysts who need to quickly run ad-hoc queries, developers integrating database querying capabilities into their applications, or businesses automating their data retrieval processes for reporting and decision-making purposes.


The 'MotherDuck: SQL Query' tool simplifies database querying by providing a seamless interface that abstracts away the complexities of database connections and query execution. It offers a quick and secure way to run SQL queries, with the added convenience of being publicly triggerable, allowing for integration into various workflows and systems.

How it works

Users input their SQL query and authentication token into the tool. The tool then leverages the DuckDB Python package to establish a connection with the Motherduck service. Once authenticated, the user's SQL query is executed against the DuckDB database. The results are fetched and returned in a structured format, ready for analysis or further processing.

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