Compare webpages

The 'Compare webpages' tool is designed to analyze and contrast the content of two webpages, providing a detailed report based on a user-defined goal.


Created by Jacky Koh, 'Compare webpages' is a sophisticated automation tool that streamlines the process of comparing two webpages. It begins by normalizing the URLs of the provided webpages to ensure they use the secure HTTPS protocol. The tool then employs a browserless scraping service to extract the content from each webpage. With the content in hand, it leverages an AI model, possibly GPT-3, to generate a comprehensive report that dissects and contrasts the webpages in the context of the specified goal. This report is rich with insights, highlighting differences and similarities in aspects such as content, design, and user experience.

Use cases

Use cases for the 'Compare webpages' tool range from marketers analyzing competitor webpages to improve their own content strategy, to UX designers comparing webpage layouts to optimize user experience. It can also be used by SEO specialists to compare keyword usage and by content creators to ensure their material stands out against similar offerings.


The benefits of using the 'Compare webpages' tool include the ability to quickly and securely compare the content of two webpages, gain deep insights into their differences and similarities, and receive recommendations tailored to specific marketing goals. This can enhance competitive analysis, content strategy development, and overall marketing effectiveness.

How it works

The tool operates through a series of steps, starting with the normalization of URLs to ensure security and consistency. It then scrapes the content of each webpage, which serves as the input for the AI model. The AI model is prompted to analyze the content within the framework of the user's goal, producing a report that not only compares the webpages but also provides actionable insights. The entire process is automated and can be initiated by any user, with the final output being the AI-generated comparison report.

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