Detect survey biases

An AI-powered solution that scrutinizes survey questions to uncover any underlying biases, ensuring the integrity and impartiality of survey data.


The tool is designed to safeguard the objectivity of survey research by examining the wording and structure of survey questions, using AI algorithms to identify elements that may skew responses. It flags potential issues such as leading questions, ambiguous phrasing, or culturally insensitive language.

Use cases

Useful for market researchers, academic researchers, and organizations conducting internal employee feedback surveys to ensure unbiased and genuine insights.


The tool increases the validity and accuracy of survey results, eliminates biases, saves time and resources, and is crucial for making informed decisions based on survey data.

How it works

Users input survey questions, and the AI analyzes the text against a database of linguistic patterns and bias indicators, providing a report that points out potential biases with explanations.

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