GPT on my website

An automation tool that answers questions about any given website by scraping its content and using AI to generate informative responses.


GPT on my website is a sophisticated tool that combines the power of web scraping and artificial intelligence to provide users with insights about websites. It starts by taking a user's query and the URL of a website of interest. The tool then employs a browserless scraping technique to extract the website's content efficiently, without the overhead of a graphical user interface. This content serves as the context for the AI model, which is tasked with answering the user's question. The AI component, built on the latest GPT-3.5 model, interprets the scraped data and the query to produce a relevant and insightful answer. The process is designed to be seamless, requiring minimal input from the user while delivering high-quality, context-aware responses.

Use cases

Use cases for GPT on my website include competitive analysis, where businesses can gain insights into competitors' online strategies; content creators looking to understand the themes and topics covered by similar websites; and consumers seeking clarity on the services and products offered by a website. It can also be used for educational purposes, helping students and researchers analyze web content for their projects.


The primary benefit of this tool is its ability to quickly provide users with detailed insights into a website without requiring technical expertise in web scraping or AI. It simplifies the process of gathering information from a website and understanding its content, saving time and effort. Additionally, the AI-generated responses are tailored to the user's specific questions, making the information provided highly relevant and actionable.

How it works

Upon receiving a URL and a question from the user, the tool initiates a browserless scrape of the website, capturing the necessary data. This data is then fed into an AI model, specifically openai-gpt3.5-16k, along with the user's question. The model uses its extensive knowledge base and the provided context to craft a response that is both informative and directly related to the user's inquiry. The AI's response is then presented to the user, offering a unique perspective on the website's content and functionality.

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