Escalate To Managers via Slack

A tool designed to streamline communication by automatically sending critical issue notifications to managers on Slack.


The 'Escalate To Managers via Slack' tool, crafted by Jason Zhou, serves as a digital bridge between customer service agents and their managers. It is programmed to take specific inputs related to customer interactions, such as the prospect's email, the subject of the conversation, and the original email thread, and use these to generate a concise, informative message. This message is then dispatched to a manager via Slack, ensuring that urgent matters are escalated efficiently and without delay. The tool is adept at fetching organizational details through an API call, transforming input data via JavaScript to create a tailored message, and finally, communicating the escalation through a Slack message using OAuth credentials.

Use cases

Use cases for the 'Escalate To Managers via Slack' tool include customer support scenarios where an agent encounters a complex issue that requires managerial intervention, or when a customer's problem has not been resolved within the expected timeframe and needs to be escalated. It can also be used in sales environments where a prospect's query or concern warrants the attention of higher management to facilitate a potential deal.


The primary benefit of this tool is the automation of the escalation process, which saves time and reduces the likelihood of human error. It ensures that managers are promptly notified about critical issues, allowing for swift action and resolution. This tool also provides a clear audit trail of communications, which can be invaluable for accountability and future reference.

How it works

Upon initialization, the tool requires inputs like the prospect's email and conversation details. It then performs an API call to fetch organization details and uses JavaScript to construct a message that includes all relevant information and a tracking link. This message is sent to Slack, and the tool evaluates the success of the operation. If successful, it outputs a confirmation; if not, it provides a failure message. The tool is designed to be public and integrates with the user's existing project and studio infrastructure.

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