Improve your copy

A creative assistant for refining and diversifying your copywriting, offering five distinct enhancements to any given text.


Crafted by Jacky Koh, the 'Improve Your Copy' tool is a sophisticated AI-powered solution on a low-code platform that provides users with five alternative versions of their text, each with a unique twist, based on a set of copywriting rules.

Use cases

Ideal for marketing professionals, sales teams, content creators, businesses, educators, and students to optimize ad copy, craft compelling pitches, diversify writing styles, communicate value propositions, and explore presentation methods.


The tool expands creative options, helps overcome writer's block, improves persuasiveness and engagement, tailors messages to different audiences, saves time, and enhances productivity by automating the brainstorming process of copywriting.

How it works

The tool processes user input text through a transformation process using an advanced language model to generate five different versions of the text, ranging from minor tweaks to significant rewrites, including a humorous version.

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