Research a company and find leads

A tool designed to streamline the process of gathering company information and identifying key personnel for sales and networking opportunities.


The 'Research a company and find leads' tool is a sophisticated solution for sales professionals and marketers who need to quickly gather insights about a company and pinpoint potential leads within that organization. It leverages search engine capabilities to extract LinkedIn profiles and company websites, providing a structured approach to lead generation. By automating the search and data extraction process, it saves users time and ensures they can focus on building relationships rather than on the initial research phase.

Use cases

This tool is ideal for sales representatives looking to expand their client base by targeting specific roles within companies. It's also useful for business development managers seeking strategic partnerships, or job seekers aiming to connect with key decision-makers in their industry. Essentially, anyone in need of a streamlined approach to professional networking and lead generation could benefit from this tool.


Users of this tool can expect to see a significant reduction in the time it takes to identify and qualify leads. The automation of mundane research tasks allows for a more efficient workflow, enabling users to quickly move on to outreach and engagement with potential leads. Additionally, the summarization of the company's business activities provides valuable context that can be used to tailor communication and improve the chances of a successful interaction.

How it works

The tool begins with user inputs specifying the company name and the role of interest. It then conducts targeted Google searches to find LinkedIn profiles and the company's official website. The search results are processed to extract relevant information, such as the most promising LinkedIn profile for the specified role and the company's website URL. This information is then neatly packaged into a JSON object, which includes a summary of the company's business activities, providing a comprehensive overview for the user.

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