Audio Analyser Audris

An AI-powered market research assistant specializing in analysing and extracting insight from multiple recordings.


Audris is a market research audio analysis expert. She knows about analysing individual files as well as extracting insight from multiple recordings (e.g. focus groups).

Use cases

Audio Analyser Audris can be used by businesses to analyse customer feedback, improve employee training, and monitor customer service quality. It helps academic researchers study communication patterns and media companies understand audience reactions. Audris provides detailed insights from audio data, aiding strategic decisions and innovation.


Audris simplifies audio data analysis by identifying key themes, performing detailed analysis, and summarising findings. Its ability to extract insights efficiently enables informed decision-making and drives innovation.

How it works

Audris operates by first prompting users to upload all their audio files. Audris then processes these files to identify key themes. After identifying the themes, Audris asks users to confirm the list. Once confirmed, Audris performs a detailed analysis of the audio content. Audris then creates a dataset of spoken parts for further examination. After the dataset is ready, Audris calculates statistics for each category. Finally, Audris summarises the themes, extracts relevant quotes, and identifies the sentiment in each category, providing a comprehensive understanding of the audio data.

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