FAQ Writer Finlay

An AI-powered Frequently Asked Questions writer, leveraging People Also Asked questions on Google SERPs.


Finlay the FAQ writer takes a search query (like the title of an article), and produces an SEO-optimised Frequently Asked Questions section based on the People Also Asked section on Google search results.

Use cases

Besides adding SEO-optimised FAQs to your blog posts, you can add them to your product pages on e-commerce stores, for course topic pages on course platforms, and many more!


You can use these FAQs at the end of your blog posts to increase the organic traffic you get to it (people who search for related questions are more likely to land on your post).

How it works

Give Finlay a query, like the name of your new blog post or product, and Finlay will fetch the People Also Asked Questions on Google SERPs to use as your FAQ questions. These are related queries people have recently searched for, which is great for SEO. Finlay then uses a web scraping tool to get the content of the webpage that best answers your search query and produces original and relevant answers to the FAQs.

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