Add PDF To Knowledge Using OCR

A tool that extracts text from PDFs using Optical Character Recognition and adds it to a knowledge base.


The 'Add PDF To Knowledge Using OCR' tool is a sophisticated automation solution designed to streamline the process of digitizing and organizing information from PDF documents. It leverages advanced OCR technology to accurately convert the text within PDF files into editable and searchable text. Once the text is extracted, the tool seamlessly integrates with an API to populate a knowledge set, effectively transforming static documents into dynamic, accessible data within a system.

Use cases

This tool is particularly useful for organizations looking to digitize their archives, create searchable repositories of research papers, or integrate contract details into a centralized database. It can also aid in the development of AI and machine learning models by providing them with high-quality, structured data for training.


The primary benefits of this tool include the automation of tedious manual data entry, the reduction of human error in text transcription, and the enhancement of document accessibility and searchability. By converting PDF content into a structured knowledge base, users can more efficiently manage and utilize their data, leading to improved productivity and informed decision-making.

How it works

The tool begins by accepting a PDF file URL as input. It then employs a high-accuracy OCR process to meticulously extract the text, ensuring that the information is captured with near-perfect precision. Following the extraction, the tool constructs and executes a POST request to an API endpoint, transmitting the knowledge set name, file name, and the newly converted text. The API then processes this data, adding it to the specified knowledge set, and returns a response indicating the successful completion of the operation.

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