Builtwith: Lists

An automation tool that generates lists of websites using specified web technologies.


Builtwith: Lists is a powerful automation tool that taps into the vast database of BuiltWith, a service that tracks technology usage across the web. By inputting a specific technology name, users can obtain a comprehensive list of websites that have integrated this technology into their digital infrastructure. The tool requires an API key for authentication, ensuring secure access to BuiltWith's resources. Once the user provides the necessary parameters, the tool leverages a JavaScript code transformation to query the BuiltWith API, fetch the relevant data, and return it in a structured JSON format.

Use cases

A digital marketing strategist could use Builtwith: Lists to identify potential clients who are using outdated technologies and offer them modern solutions. A sales team might leverage the tool to find new leads by targeting businesses that have recently adopted e-commerce platforms. A market researcher could analyze technology adoption rates across different industries to forecast growth areas.


The primary benefit of using Builtwith: Lists is its ability to provide market intelligence and competitive analysis. By understanding which technologies are being adopted and by whom, businesses can gain insights into market trends, make informed decisions about their own technology stack, and identify potential leads or partnerships.

How it works

The user begins by entering their BuiltWith API key and the case-sensitive name of the technology they're interested in. The tool then executes a JavaScript code that constructs a URL for the API request, embedding the user's inputs. A fetch request is initiated, and upon receiving the response, the tool processes the data, converting it to JSON. This JSON data, which includes a list of websites using the specified technology along with other metadata, is then presented to the user.

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